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Become a member of and you’ll receive an exclusive offer on your birthday every year.  Aveda carries makeup, hair care, skin care perfume and more.
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Sign up with and once every quarter you’ll be able to request free samples and coupons. They send you some great samples!

Walmart Free Samples
This is one of the most reliable Free Sample programs around! You can always trust that you will receive their samples. Check their site frequently, as it is popular and the samples go fairly soon, or simply follow my freebies blog and I’ll let you know when the free samples become available.  They  always have a variety of free samples including free makeup samples by mail, free baby samples by mail, free dog food samples, free razors and more!
This is another one of my favorite Free Sample sites. You will have to register in order to get many of the free samples, but they have a good offering available that includes free makeup samples by mail, other free beauty samples, free toothpaste samples and loads more!
Target Sample Spot
Their free samples go quickly, so I’d advise you check their page daily, or simply follow my freebies blog.  Target’s free samples also vary widely and could include free razor samples, free skincare samples, free cereal samples, free makeup samples by mail, free shampoo or conditioner and more!
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Sam’s Club
Sam’s club periodically offers free samples to their members on their website.  You can check this page periodically, or you can follow my freebies blog.  I’ll let you know when their offering free samples.

Click the Costco link above, and in the search box, type in “free sample.” The most recent free sample offers will pop up.  Click into each one and see which free samples are available.  Costco periodically offers its members free samples, such as free diapers, free toothpaste, free hair care products and more.  You can check their page periodically, or you can follow my freebies blog and I’ll notify you when the freebies by mail become available. A 12-digit Costco member number is required.

Allure offers full-sized samples during a certain week of each month as giveaways.  But you have to be fast to get these; they’re usually for the first 500 that complete the form online at a certain time.
Physicians Formula Buzz O Meter Program
Join this program and if selected, you’ll have the chance to try out new products.  All they want you to do is to tell your friends/family about the products, then let them know what you thought about the product(s).

Facebook & Twitter
Follow the brands that you wear and like on Facebook and Twitter like and be on the lookout for announcements of product giveaways.

Cosmetic counters will often hold events where they will provide free samples to shoppers.  They even provide free beauty makeovers, then will provide you with a small bag of free samples.  You can call the make-up counters in advance and inquire about such events.  

Join The Club
Also ask about clubs or Insider lists that you can join, such as Sephora’s Beauty Insider.  When you purchase from Sephora, they will periodically give insiders free samples to try new products!  Many Companies will also give you a Free Product on your Birthday if you come in and pick it up.

You can get discount coupons and/or coupons for free products simply by emailing the product manufacturer directly.  I’ve done this many times myself.  Email them with a compliment, product suggestion or even a complaint, and many times, they will send you product coupons.  Email specifically asking for product coupons and guess what, they’ll send you coupons!  Tell them how much you or a family member love their product (tell them which specific product), then ask if they can mail you any free product coupons or discount coupons.  Nine times out of ten, you’ll get them!

Coupons for Makeup & Personal Care Items
If you’re not already discovering how to get discounted or free products using coupons, I also tell you about periodic free coupon match-ups on my freebies and deals blog. 
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Behind the Makeup of True Blood

After six glorious years of sexy, sweaty, blood-sucking fun, HBO’s iconic True Blood series is finally coming to an end, with its final season premiering this Sunday. “It’s been such a wild ride,” says makeup department head Brigette Ellis. “We pushed our limits beheading people, ripping hearts out. That’s my favorite thing about the show; we get to do some of the fanciest, craziest makeup, and then—excuse my language—we get to f**k it all up.” To kick off season seven, Ellis shares a behind-the-scenes look into the world of fake blood and vampire makeup.

What was the original concept for the vampires’ makeup? “When we first started the show, we wanted the vampires to be supersexy, but you weren’t supposed to be able to pick up that they were vampires right away. Part of the fun was not knowing. So we don’t use prosthetics. There are just some small details, like the rimming around their eyes and nails is red.”

How do you make them red? “We use M.A.C. Cranberry Eye Shadow. For the nails, it’s Aged Blood Illustrator, which is like an alcohol-based paint. The funny thing is these poor vampires are stuck in it, because if they don’t get us to take it off, it’s there for days. You’re at the local Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, and you see somebody with blood-rimmed nails—you’re like, ‘Hey, do you work on True Blood?’”

Tell me about the blood tears. “After seven seasons, I feel like we’ve finally mastered them. If I know somebody is going to be crying, I’ll lay in the tears, and then visual effects will do the actual drop and marry my work with theirs, because there’s only so close you can bring that stuff to the eye. And then we have different products to make it look dry or fresh or old or smeared, different fake bloods.”

What are the major differences between human and vampire makeup? “The vampires are always going to be matte, because they don’t sweat or have a heartbeat so the main thing is to keep them cool. They all wear M.A.C. Blot Powder, too, and we try to keep them out of the sun as much as we can. I found this company called Devida that has really great solar care that I use on them. The humans we set with powder in the morning, but then we just use blotting sheets to make sure they’re staying dewy.”

How do you navigate the sweaty sex scenes? “There’s definitely been a learning curve with all the nudity. When you have an actor who’s in full tan body makeup and an actor who’s in full white body makeup for being a vampire, that’s not going to go over so well. So a lot of the time, for humans, they’re spray tanned, because you can at least cut down on one smudging transfer.”

Whose makeup takes the longest? “Any of the vampire girls take some time. They’re so worldly, so we really want to make them look exotic. I spend as much money on eyelashes as I do on blood. But on a big gag, resetting and starting fresh from the top is always going to be the hardest. We’ve had it take five hours, because there’s blood all over everyone. Dermalogica PreCleanse is a staple. We’re all obsessed with it, even the boys. It’s an oil that you rub on your face and it just breaks down all the makeup.